Five trends driving shopping patterns in Mexico including convenience & desire for authenticity

By Elizabeth Crawford

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Five trends driving shopping patterns in Mexico

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Convenience is a dominating factor influencing which foods and beverages shoppers in Mexico buy – even beating out innovation and authenticity, which also weigh heavily in the decision-making process, according to a recent Culinary Visions Panel.

The survey of more than 1,000 Mexican consumers revealed a busy on-the-go lifestyle is driving many shoppers to look for quick and easy options, such as prepared food from a deil, which 53% said is not only convenient but also generally a good value for the price. In fact, more than half said they prefer shopping at a deli than a market because it is so convenient.

Even though speed is of the essence, consumers in Mexico tend to be more patient than those in US and Canada when it comes to picking up food. According to the survey, 41% said would rather wait in a long line than skip a purchase, as opposed to 15% in the US and Canada.

Balancing speed and authenticity

The need for speed when it comes to meal solutions also means many Mexican consumers do not have time to prepare authentic cuisine – creating an opportunity for retailers and some CPG firms that can offer pre-made traditional dishes, the survey revealed.

Specifically, it found 63% of survey participants said they lack time to prepare authentic international foods, and as such 58% said they like to purchase traditional dishes that are complicated to prepare at the market.

Retailers and manufacturers looking to tap into that need should focus on Oaxacan cuisine, which 65% of respondents said is the most innovative cuisine in the country. Offering American food is another strong choice as 45% of respondents said they love ordering American dishes at restaurants.

Family-friendly food is a top value

Beyond convenience and authenticity, Mexican consumers also place a heavy emphasis on “family centric dining culture”​ when selecting their meal solutions, according to the survey. It found 76% of Mexican consumers believe sharing a meal at home with their family is important and 69% say cooking together is important.

This value also influences Mexican consumers’ decisions when eating out, with 63% saying kid-friendly restaurants are important. This is a notable difference than its neighbors in Canada and the US, of whom only 35% say they are more interested in kid-friendly eating options.

Consumers in Mexico also are more interested than US and Canadian consumers in restaurants that meet their dietary restrictions, according to the survey. It found 66% of consumers in Mexico who were surveyed say they value having choices that meet their dietary needs. In addition, 52% said having restaurants catering to dietary restrictions is important versus 39% of consumers in the US and Canada, according to the survey.

Finally, when selecting food Mexican shoppers want to patronize places they trust, which for most are restaurants and supermarket delis compared to local fresh markets. Nearly three-quarters said they trust local delis compared to 68% who said they are more likely to trust the vendors they know at their local fresh markets.  

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