ABIMAPI on 2018: Regulatory agenda, consumption promotion and international markets

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© Getty Images / egal
From sugar reduction to nutritional labeling and a focus on international markets, 2018 was an intense year for the Brazilian food industry. In this guest article, ABIMAPI (Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes), explains how it was at the forefront of initiatives that involved regulatory, consumer promotion and export issues.

Sugar reduction

To start, we highlight the agreement signed by us - together with the Brazilian Association of Food Industries (ABIA), the Brazilian Association of Soft Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (ABIR) and the Brazilian Dairy Association - with the Brazilian Ministry of Health for the reduction of sugar in industrialized foods.

The industry has a goal to contribute to the reduction of sugar consumption by the Brazilian population to less than 10% of the total daily calories consumed by 2022. Attention to issues involving nutrition, health and well-being is a worldwide trend and we know that we also need to encourage and guide the consumer in an intelligent way, showing that Industrialized cookies and cakes, besides being tasty, have attributes aimed at healthy eating and can be part of a balanced diet.

Nutritional labeling

Another point of interest of all Brazilian society is the adoption next year of a new model of nutritional labeling of foods in Brazil. ABIMAPI is part of the Brazilian Labeling Network, an initiative that involves 22 entities, and contributes with technical and scientific input to offer more information to the consumer.

During 2018, we have discussed with these partners and the Brazilian Government the better way to give nutritional information on packaging in a simple, clear and objective way to our population. The traffic light model advocated by us is already used in countries such as United Kingdom, France and Denmark and is a scientifically based system that contributes more effectively to providing clear information to the population.

Consumer promotion

Panettones © Getty Images FabioBalbi
Panettone. Image © Getty Images / FabioBalbi

In the area of consumer promotion, we held the first Brazilian Panettone Salon in 2018, when we congregated more than 300 participants, among journalists, digital influencers and representatives of 10 Brazilian brands exhibiting their panettones and its launches in the event.

We had also received eight foreign opinion leaders from Chile, Colombia, the United States, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, to cover the event and visit the Brazilian manufacturers located in São Paulo (SP). They had the opportunity to also point out the panettone consumption habits of their countries and the potentialities in favor of Brazil. It is important to note that we are the second largest global supplier of panettones, just behind Italy, and the first in Latin America, ahead of Peru and Argentina.

Among the top 10 destinations for Brazilian exports, the United States led purchases with 50% participation, followed by Peru (15%) and Japan (8%). Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Canada, Bolivia and Argentina are also on the list of the main importers.

ABIMAPI is the entity that brings together the third largest global producer and consumer market for biscuits and pasta, and the 7th in industrialized breads and cakes. Through the sector exports promotion program Brazilian Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes​, which we keep in partnership with Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, we participate in the main international events of our sector and carry out Business Missions to different destinations.

During 2018, we took part of five global trade fairs and organized one Business Roundtable during ABIMAPI International Congress and two mission to Latin America. We have also developed at least ten studies focusing on market analysis for Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Japan and Mercosur.

Looking ahead

In 2019, we will conclude another stage of our agreement with Apex-Brasil expecting at least US$ 30 million of business from this year activities. Between 2019-2021 we plan new events and activities for the seven priority markets chosen this year. They are: United States, Portugal, China, Colombia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

There have been many initiatives that have shaped our industries. We are optimistic for another year of achievements and we guarantee that ABIMAPI will go forward dedicated to finding solutions and opportunities that help to promote and strengthen our categories in the domestic and international markets.

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