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News in Brief

FrieslandCampina Ingredients opens a new São Paulo office

By Stephen Daniells

Dairy giant FrieslandCampina Ingredients is aiming to capitalize more effectively on the growing demand for high-quality ingredients in Latin America with its new new sales office in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ninho UHT milks have been packaged in combiblocMidi 1000ml and Molico milks in both 1000ml and 500ml convenience carton formats, at the plant in Nestlé Sul, Brazil, since March.

SIG expands global Nestlé partnership to Brazil

By Stephen Daniells

With Brazilian consumers looking for packaging formats and volumes to help avoid food waste, SIG has expanded its partnership with Nestlé to roll out new flexible filling lines in the Latin American country.

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News in brief

Colombia approves non-GMO Reb D stevia from Sweegen-Ingredion

By Stephen Daniells

The Colombian Secretary of State for Agriculture and Procurement (SEAB) has approved non-GMO Reb D sweetener derived from the stevia leaf for use as a tabletop sweetener and added to food and beverages.

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News in brief

SGS Peru achieves ISO 17065 Accreditation

By Stephen Daniells

SGS Perú achieved ISO17065 accreditation by INCAL via the IFFO RS Standard V2.0, thereby reaffirming the robustness, credibility and good representation of the aquaculture value chain.