DuPont targets flour quality and consistency with new enzymes

By Stephen Daniells

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© Getty Images / wideonet
© Getty Images / wideonet
DuPont’s new POWERBake 8000 fungal xylanases can help bakers across South America achieve a more efficient and stable baking process and improve volumes in the final product.

The enzymes not only improves the characteristics of the final product, they also improve the consistency of the quality of the flour, said the company in a press release.

“"The new POWERBake 8000 range of fungal xylanase enzymes, improves the balance between stability and extensibility of the dough, creating faster development of the gluten network and with a greater tolerance of the dough, which are ideal factors during the baking process,” ​said Eduardo Pimentel, innovation leader for baking of DuPont Nutrition & Health.

One of the baking industry’s big challenges is the natural variation seen in wheat due to its origin, the soil, the humidity and temperature, which impact the quality of the flour.

“This new generation of enzymes, minimizes the variation between flour batches and improves the quality of the end product,” ​added Pimentel.

The wider range

The DuPont Danisco POWERBake range also includes other enzymatic solutions for bakers, including improvements in the gluten quality by the removal of WU-AX (water-insoluble arabinoxylans) and the adding stability to the dough system and overall production process, creating faster development of the gluten network, said the company.

The enzyme range is positioned as a solution to the growing trend in the bakery industry to reformulate and improve products to meet consumer demands. The enzymes enable a reduction in the dependence on chemical emulsification, improvements in dough handling, and delivery of a fine, uniform crumb structure in your baked goods, said the company.

“DuPont has extensive experience in the food market and this launch further strengthens and complements our broad enzymes portfolio,” ​said Deia Vilela, food enzymes director at DuPont.

“Our innovations aim to bring important benefits to the baking industry. This new technology helps to maintain more robust production, process standardization and economic advantages.”

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