Layn expands Lovia and SteviUp sweetener platforms for sugar reduction efforts in Mexico

By Elizabeth Crawford

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Layn expands Lovia and SteviUp sweetener platforms for sugar reduction efforts in Mexico
Ingredient supplier Layn is helping food and beverage manufacturers in Mexico and Central America take the guesswork out of sugar reduction by expanding in the region two new plant-based sweetener platforms that are optimized for different categories.

At the Food Tech Summit & Expo in Mexico this fall, Layn showcased its stevia- and monkfruit-based sweetener platform Lovia and the stevia-only platform SteviUp, which were introduced earlier this year in the US and Brazil.

“The Lovia platform showcases the natural synergy achieved when steviol glycosides and [Monkfruit] mogrosides are combined, creating an optimized plant-based sweetener portfolio”​ that includes basic combinations for beverages, dairy, bakery and tabletop uses, said MaryJoe Fernandez, VP of Sales, Americas and Global Accounts with Layn USA Inc.

“This complementary pairing makes the best of each sweetening compound stand out, allowing for a deep sugar reduction and a more sugar-like profile,”​ she added.

In addition, by identifying which combinations work the best in different categories, Layn can help companies dramatically reduce their research and development time because they will not be starting from scratch. Rather, they can select the combination that best fits their category and focus on fine-turning the formulation, Fernandez said.

The Lovia platform also offers significant cost savings compared to pure Monkfruit, which is more expensive than sugar in part because of limited supply, Fernandez explained.

“The Lovia price overall is comparable to sugar’s price or more competitive,”​ making it more cost effective for manufacturers, she explained.

She also noted that Layn is “investing heavily into the agronomy of Monkfruit … to improve the mogroside content of the fruit, as well as get duel crops per year, which will help improve the Monkfruit cost and provide more stable and sustainable supply.”

Reflecting on “Lovia’s compelling value, easier formulation and customization across different food, beverage and nutrition applications,”​ Fernandez says the platform is “a standout choice.”

SteviUp offers third generation stevia options

Layn also showcased its SteviUp platform at the Food Tech Summit & Expo, which Fernandez explained is based on more than 40 steviol glycosides to find combinations that overcome many of the taste-related challenges stevia faced when it first launched.

She explained by combining various exotic steviol glycosides through the SteviUp platform, Layn is able to offer a taste profile “that simply can’t be achieved with conventional high purity stevia extract. It is the third generation of stevia.”

Much like Lovia, the SteviUp portfolio offers several pre-determined combinations that work will for different applications and categories, she added.

While the two platforms address the sweetness sugar brings to products, they do not provide some of the other functional benefits of sugar, such as bulking, browning and caramelization. However, Fernandez said, Layn has many tools available to help manufacturers create reduced-sugar products that do not compromise on any aspect of taste or experience.

“Our company is constantly researching on how to go further in sugar reduction. Our aim is to achieve sugar-like plant-based sweeteners that allow [food and beverage] manufactures good taste of deep sugar reductions and zero sugar products,”​ she added.

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